"We specialize in SALE OF COMPANIES"

Our collaboration will bring you:

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Total Confidentiality

If you make any arrangements, Related people know their intentions and this may impair the operation or business

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More chances of success

We follow a professional approach in selling companies getting results.

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Candidate Search

We seek and identify interested candidates, in buying your company, We find out their intentions and possibilities.

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Better conditions

Our trading experience, It allows us to achieve the successful closing of the transaction

Frequent questions

Five frequently asked questions before the process of buying and selling

1. Is my company salable?

Purchase or sale decision. Before starting the process of buying or selling companies, owners should be clear about the decision. Together with the owners will make a reflection on the saleability of your company.

Conditions for a company salable.

  • Profitable companies, although its turnover and profitability have fallen.
  • Companies with competitive products or services, a diversified portfolio of customers, a good brand image, or a good professional team.
  • It is essential to have an economic and financial information orderly and transparent

Circumstances that make a company is hardly salable.

  • Companies with serious economic or financial difficulties.
  • Highly dependent on its owner.
  • With a very small customer base.
  • They are offering products or services uncompetitive.

Is a decision you should take, but either through Med Consultants or other consulting, Hiring a professional will provide you:

  • confidentiality. If you make yourself sales efforts, This situation will be immediately known for its surroundings, personal and professional.
  • Experience. Most entrepreneurs do not have experience in these processes.
  • It will not weaken their position in negotiations. His interveci in sales management, most likely will hurt their negotiating position should be performed later.

2. How is the process of selling a business?

The process of selling a business, it structured in 5 phase.

  • Feasibility analysis Operation.
  • Firm mandate
  • blind profile
  • information Memorandum
  • Valuation Report
  • Identification of candidates
  • Based approach blind profile
  • interest letter – confidentiality
  • Memorandum Valuation Report
  • LOI
  • Progress of proceedings
  • Drafting of the contract
  • Company

3. How long can?

It is a process that requires many hours of work and very variable in length to locate candidates and close the deal, our experience usually lasts 15 a 64 weeks.

4. How candidates are?

An analysis will be performed and identify candidates who can be potentially attractive and convenient. Ways to locate candidates are as follows:


5. How much is my company or business?

There is no magic formula that tells us precisely a single value of a company. A company will have different values ​​for each buyer and seller, depending on the point of view of each. What a valuation performed correctly can offer is a fork fair value for the company analyzed. This allows the parties to a negotiation missed and have a logical and rational basis for negotiating.

On the other hand we should not confuse value with price, the price will be the amount by which the buyer and seller agree to perform the operation, the result of negotiations and may vary from the different values ​​assigned to a company.

There are many different methods of valuation of the company, in our valuation report we offer a number of procedures values ​​by different. Depending on the proposed transaction will be most suitable one or the other, but we all can serve as a reference to set the fork enterprise value.

A) static methods. Based on the Balance. In these methods, the valuation is based on the assets and liabilities of the company, what the company has been or is. These values ​​usually mark the minimum value of a company because they do not incorporate the value of goodwill.

B) methods based on multiples of the income statement. the value of the company is calculated taking into account certain magnitudes of the income statement shall be multiplied by a factor or multiple. This method is often used in areas with a strong correlation between income and benefits, this is that the cost of sales is very stable. This usually occurs in areas of exclusivity (Pharmacy, watertight, lottery administration). Multiple used is the industry standard.

C) Mixed methods, based on the goodwill or goodwill. The value is calculated by adding the net assets goodwill or goodwill. These methods and for certain operations offer a reasonable and logical value.

D) Methods based on discounted cash flow. This methodology is the most widely used and rigorous as it is conceptually correct valuation method. The value of the company will depend not on the past but on its ability to generate future cash flows and the risk taken to achieve.

The value of the company is the sum of the benefits is projected that the company will generate in coming years, brought to present value and discounted at a rate risk. In this updated value it will be added residual value of the company.

The sale of a company or business involves delivering a unit of commercial or industrial exploitation in exchange for a price.

This operation is not regulated in a specific manner, so it is advisable to renegotiate and regulate all important aspects of the operation and it is advisable to formalize the contract deed.

In this case it shall proceed to the assignment of the lease or sublease well to local, always reliable landlord prior notification within one month of its conclusion.

When selling a business, usually they are usually transmitted with it, trademarks and patents related to the activity.

Patent requires transmission:

  • His written record: Public deed.
  • Registration in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.
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