Is Poses buy a Company or business?

It's cheaper, faster and safer to buy a company to create it from scratch.

We are specialists in management buyouts and our management will bring:

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The buyer's identity will not be known until late trading.


The best choice

Our portfolio businesses and profitable companies and if we do not find the portfolio that best suits your needs


No problem

We check the reality of business and possible contingencies.


Better conditions

We negotiate the best purchase conditions.

Stages in the purchasing process.

The ultimate goal of this process is the acquisition of a business that suits the requirements.

1. Search profile and commitment letter

The first step is to define the Company Profile to be acquired and firm commitment regulating our relationship.

2. Search Phase

companies operating in the market that fit the profile to be scanned defined. Classification of companies objective criteria and preferences for a list of companies that fit the profile to be developed.

3. Contact with target companies

contact companies probing their accessibility to a purchase proposal and the expectations of its owners will be established.

4. Letter of intent to purchase

a letter of intent to purchase will be given to those companies that viable acquisition.

5. Company Analysis

Defined a framework for acquiring the information will be collected and a report thereof to permit acquisition prepares decide

6. Negotiation

If there is a positive buying decision after analyzing the company negotiated the conditions of the acquisition agreement, with the aim of reaching an agreement.

7. Due diligence

We can participate in the process of due diligence or be performed by third parties.

8. Company

After comprobación of the information provided by the company and if successful will proceed to formalize the acquisition.

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